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Watching and Waiting

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Ghosts of Versailles

Length - 1.30 minutes
Date of Release - 6th June 2009

A short film commissioned by Mulvany and Rogers Miniatures to showcase their latest work; Ghosts of Versailles, a 1/12th scale reimagining of an abandoned palace, echoing with mystery

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Place and Object

Length - 4 minutes
Date of Release - 9th January 2009

This film is a collection of 5 experimental micro films.

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Length - 4 minutes
Cast - Freddy Oliphant, Magnus Mulvany, Susan Rogers, Magnus Mulvany and Kevin Mulvany
Date of Release - 9th May 2008

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Watching and Waiting

Length - 6 minutes
Cast - Matthew Nesbeth
Date of Release - 21st February 2007

You can now watch our latest film in full - Watching and Waiting. It is a creepy psychological thriller.

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Circle Line

Length - 5 minutes
Date of Release - 1st September 2006

An experimental art film, exploring the boundaries between country and city life

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Castles in Spain

Length - 3 minutes
Cast - Magnus Mulvany
Date of Release - 15th September 2006

A film that works on many levels, about inspiration and crushed hopes, the powerlessness of youth, and the unrelenting opposing force of nature versus the proud will of the human spirit. While metaphors in this film abound, it is still a relaxing experience even when the deeper meaning is not looked for.

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The Visitor

Length - 9 minutes
Cast - Susan Rogers
Date of Release - 4th April 2005

"For a long time there had been someone else. Lurking in the shadows, never stopping to talk. An uninvited guest, a visitor, I did not keep company. I lived alone, they were not welcome. Slamming the doors, sleeping in my bed, taking my things. This is my house, they are not welcome"

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Length - 14 minutes
Cast - Max Mulvany
Date of Release - 14th September 2004

A psychological thriller. It plays with the idea of parallel worlds. This world is accessed by a mysterious phantom vehicle that puts passers-by into a strange coma. They must fight for their sanity in the strange world of Dead Cap Wood.

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Length - 6 minutes
Cast - Lucy Vincent and Max Mulvany
Date of Release - March 2004

Our first film. A short and simple thriller. A mysterious figure is wandering an empty wasteland unaware that there are other things beside himself in that decaying place.

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