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Filmed in Summer 2004 near Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire. Released September 2004.

This is by far our most adventurous and longest film.

It was filmed over a period of three months and edited within one month

The original screenplay featured characters talking within the film and a character called Derek. A life-sized stuffed model of Derek was made to shoot a shot where he was hung from a tree. All of these shots were scrapped as the talking (and stuffed person) ruined the creepy atmosphere. The running time would have also been increased from 14 to 30 minutes.

The sequence at the end where the Max (the boy) wakes up face down in the stream, involved Max holding his breath for around 20 seconds, he became ill a day after this shot was filmed and it may well have been down to the dirty water of the stream.

The opening car scene had to be filmed multiple times due to the fact there was only one cameraman. This also means Max (the boy) had to jump into the stream multiple times.

Ironically, the stream in the opening and closing scenes of Woodlands is the same stream as the one in the woods.

The location the graves were placed in the woods is perfect. The tree's overhang them. It is chilling to come across them when walking in the woods. So chilling in fact that we didn't bother taking the graves away when we had finished filming to scare any walkers within the woods.

Synopsis - A psychological thriller. It plays with the idea of parallel worlds. This world is accessed by a mysterious phantom vehicle that puts passers-by into a strange coma. They must fight for their sanity in the strange world of Dead Cap Wood.

The beginning of this film will immediately suck you into the deep, imaginative storyline.

This film is much longer than Wastelands but has a very deep, surreal story to it.


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